Episode 84

Service Design: Practitioner Stories

This week, Lisa sits down with Serena Nüsing and Stéphanie Krus and their research project “Practitioner’s Stories” where they and their team volunteered their time to examine the needs of the service design community. Listen as we discuss some of their discoveries from the interviews they conducted with other professionals in the field and how the process itself impacted participants and indeed their own roles as service designers.

Practitioner Stories

You can follow the team on twitter at @PractitionerSt1

The Practitioner Stories Team Contact Info

Angela Orviz, twitter - @Artmadillo

Serena Nüsing, twitter - @SerenaNusing

Stéphanie Krus, twitter - @StephanieKrus

Vinishree Verma, twitter - @Vinishreee

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